Bringing Forth The End Of Days

An Apocalyptic Thriller By Simon Law

                  Bringing Forth The End Of Days - Simon Law

An Apocalyptic Science Fiction Thriller   


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In September 2013 the entire western world awakes to find itself engulfed in a mysterious green fog which has appeared overnight. Although seeing harmless at first, the devastating affects of the gas slowly unveil themselves as a deadly carcinogenic virus contained within the gas begins to infect and kill all the plantlife on earth. In the absence of any foliage, oxygen levels on earth begin to dramatically plummet, causing widespread illness and death and bringing forth the birth of strange new technologies to provide a source of breathable air. Riots break out across the globe and fingers begin to point at the Middle and Far East for the blame of the mysterious gas. World War 3 is soon declared and nuclear warfare brings all known civilization to an abrupt end.

By 2023 the population of earth has been reduced to a mere few pockets of survivors. Among the survivors is Thomas Harvey and his companions who find themselves completely isolated in a 4-bedroomed house in Sussex, England,  owing their lives to the strange machine in their house called the PGOGM which provides them with a supply of breathable air. Among the small group is a young boy by the name of Jacob Stevenson, who, after having undergone extreme surgical modifications, is the only one with the freedom to venture out into the desolate wilderness.

Distraught by their bleak existence, the group suddenly encounter more survivors outside, which perk their spirits and revitalize their hopes of finding salvation. Uniting with their new friends, the group devise a plan to track down the manufacturers of their strange oxygenating machine in the hope that others survivors may be heading to the same place, but their journey ahead would hold many dangers and they soon realize that their greatest danger was among them all along.

'Bringing Forth the End of Days' is a science fiction adventure of post apocalyptic survival and of the deterioration of the human condition. Combining Science Fiction, Horror, and Mystery & Suspense. 


"Simon Law's Debut Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Novel Leaves Readers Gasping ! " -


"A great mixture of science fiction, horror and ecological questioning make for a great debut novel" - Lovereading


"The fact that it's all so plausible and set in the very near future make the plot all the more disturbing" -


"This will go down as a science fiction adventure of laudable scope and energy. The drive of the plot, in both scenario and phychology of characters, is spot on" - The Book Bag



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